Metis is a tool I wrote to collect information from the content of web sites. This was written for the Ideahamster Group for finding the competitive intelligence weight of a web server and assists in satisfying the CI Scouting portion of the Open Source Security Testing Methodology Manual (OSSTMM). The tool is distributed under the GNU Public license.

If you wish to contribute, please email me at

The too is written in Java and is composed of 2 packages:
  1. The web spider engine : the faust.sacha.web java package
    This package handles the web spidering process, collects and stores the information in memory.
  2. The data analysis part : Metis org.idehamster.metis java package
    This package reads the data collected by the spider and generate a report




Metis 2.1 : 03/22/2003
Metis 2.0 : 10/23/2002
Metis 1.4.1 : 08/29/2002
Metis 1.4 : 08/23/2002
Metis 1.3.1 : 04/16/2002
Metis 1.3 : 04/10/2002
Metis 1.2 : 02/28/2002
Metis 1.1 : 02/03/2002
Metis 1.0

Upcoming features

- Distributed engin
- Spider code licensing change to BSD
- Better support for Javascript